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Magnum - Al Barrow and Bob Catley
Magnum release a new album - 'Lost On The Road To Eternity' - on 19 January via SPV

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

Our latest playlist additions are showcased in a weekly sequence with the emphasis on independent artists and labels.

New to GRTR! Playlist (w/c 15 January 2018)

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

PRETTY BOY FLOYD Do Ya Wanna Rock (Frontiers)
TAUTOLOGIC Not If But When (Turtle Down Music)
TOMMY EMMANUEL (with Jerry Douglas) Purple Haze (Mascot)
TINSLEY ELLIS Don't Turn Off The Light (Alligator)
MATTHEW FISHER Without You (Angel Air Records)
KORBY LENKER Last Man Standing (Soundly Music)
SONIC KHARMA New Day (indie)
BAD LLAMA Apocrypha (indie)
INDYA If You Don't Like It (indie)
SONIC PROPHECY Night Terror (Rockshots Records)
MAGICK TOUCH Siren Song (indie)
THE DARK ELEMENT Halo (Frontiers)
TONOCHROME Border Crossing (Bad Elephant Music)
COUNTERPOINT Leave It All Behind (indie)

New to GRTR! Playlist (w/c 8 January 2018)

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

TINY MOVING PARTS It's Cold Tonight (Big Scary Monsters)
TRUCKER DIABLO Fighting For Everything (Bad Reputation Records)
AUDREY HORNE Audrevolution (Napalm Records)
LEAVES' EYES Sign Of The Dragonhead (AFM Records)
ALMANAC Kingdom Of the Blind (Nuclear Blast)
IRON SAVIOR Warrior (AFM Records)
BLOOD RED SAINTS Something In Your Kiss (AOR Heaven)
THEIA Just Go (WDFD Records)
PALACE OF THE KING It's Been A Long Time Coming (Golden Robot Records)
ANUBIS GATE From Afar (Nightmare Records)
BABYLON A.D. Rags To Riches (SPV)
P.A.L. Hiding Away From Love (AOR Heaven)
VOODOO CIRCLE Walk On The Line (AFM Records)

New to GRTR! Playlist (w/c 25 December 2017)

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

PANZERBALLETT Last Christmas (Gentle Art Of Music)
SIMON PHILLIPS Solitaire (Phantom Recordings)
TONOCHROME Disputed Area (Bad Elephant Music)
MOLOKO+ Bite The Hand (Fruits De Mer)
ANVIL World Of Tomorrow (SPV)
LEAVES' EYES Shadows In The Night (AFM Records)
AMMOURI Monster Of Your Own Creation (Pride & Joy Music)
MAGNUM Lost On The Road To Eternity (SPV)
CRIMSON STAR La Prom (indie)
COUNTERPOINT Leave It All Behind (indie)
GREYHAVEN When We Divide (indie)
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION The Last Song For My Resting Place (Mascot)
GORDON GILTRAP Praise Him (Angel Air Records)

New to GRTR! Playlist (w/c 18 December 2017)

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

POWER QUEST The Sixth Dimension (Inner Wound)
SCREAM SERENITY Eye Of The Storm (indie)
WHEN MARY Soothing Stitches (indie)


The A List (w/c 15 January 2018)

>> Our "heavy rotation" times reflect some of our peak listening figures and these segments are also an obvious time for promo/advertising spots.  These sequences reflect both new releases and artists with forthcoming tours/gigs or a featured artist promotion.

Mon-Wed 13:00-13:30, 17:00-18:30 Thu-Fri 17:30-18:30 Sunday 17:00-18:00

AUDREY HORNE Blackout (Napalm Records)
AUSTIN GOLD Before Dark Clouds (Jigsaw Music)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast)
JOE SATRIANI What Happens Next (Sony Legacy)
MAGNUM Lost On The Road To Eternity (SPV)
PHIL CAMPBELL & THE BASTARD SONS The Age Of Absurdity (Nuclear Blast)
SAMARKIND Samarkind (indie)
THE BAD FLOWERS Starting Gun (indie)
THE DARK ELEMENT The Dark Element (Frontiers)

>> Every 1-2 weeks we select albums and tracks for more frequent airplay. These can be new releases or reissues.

How do we make our selection?  We use feedback from presenters and reviewers, and their opinions at

The aim is to signpost new artists where possible but not always the most obvious track or single and/or albums/artists worthy of further investigation.  Many selections are previewed in our weekly 'New to GRTR!' sequence.

Power Plays w/c 22 January 2018

JOE SATRIANI Cherry Blossoms (Sony Legacy)
KORBY LENKER Last Man Standing (Soundly Music)
MAGICK TOUCH Siren Song (indie)
THE DARK ELEMENT Halo (Frontiers)

Featured Albums w/c 22 January 2018

09:00-12:00 BLOOD RED SAINTS Love Hate Conspiracies (AOR Heaven)
12:00-13:00 VOODOO CIRCLE Raised On Rock (AFM Records)
14:00-16:00 KORBY LENKER Thousand Springs (Soubndly Music)

Power Plays w/c 8 January 2018

TRUCKER DIABLO Fighting For Everything (indie)
VOODOO CIRCLE Walk On The Line (AFM Records)
ANVIL World Of Tomorrow (SPV)
CRIMSON STAR La Prom (indie)
COUNTERPOINT Leave It All Behind (indie)
MAGNUM Peaches And Cream (SPV)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Wolf Named Crow (Nuclear Blast)

Featured Albums w/c 8 January 2018

09:00-12:00 P.A.L. Prime (AOR Heaven)
12:00-13:00 HEAVEN & EARTH Hard To Kill (Quarto Valley Records)
14:00-16:00 ALICE DIMICELE One With The Tide (Alice Otter Music)

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