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A few days before their UK tour dates, we chatted to the band frontman and broadcast an hour special about Johnny Hates Jazz.  This feature - combined with a prominent news item - signposts the band's renaissance, the tour, and of course the music.  The "listen again" feature via Mixcloud gives some permanency for future investigation by new and lapsed fans.

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Johnny Hates Jazz

Hour special signposts Johnny Hates Jazz tour dates

Late eighties electronica-pop legends play rare UK dates in March

On Sunday 28 February we ran an hour long special, with David Randall chatting to Clark Datchler from Johnny Hates Jazz, ahead of their UK tour.  This is repeated during the following week.

Johnny Hates Jazz had a massive selling debut album in 1988 and several hit singles but by the early-1990's they had split.  They reformed in 2009 for several festival dates and in 2013 released their current album 'Magnetized' to wide acclaim and radio airplay.

Says David: "I loved the band's music back in the late-eighties.  They had great songwriting and production values and were always potentially more durable than their contemporaries.  The band never toured back in the day so these dates are especially significant."

An early tour review at www.getreadytorock.com will help signpost subsequent dates.

This special feature is now available via our "listen again" Mixcloud page and includes some of their best known material, tracks from 'Magnetized' and a special acoustic performance of 'Turn Back The Clock'.

Johnny Hates Jazz Special at Mixcloud

More information (interview edit, and tour dates)

In the coming weeks, we'll be chatting to Andrew Roachford (also on tour in March) and Colin Blunstone (touring in April).

The Pete Feenstra Feature (Sundays, 20:00) regularly explores in some depth a specific artist and/or album.  Occasionally the artist will select their favourite tracks that have influenced and inspired their own music over the years.  Recent shows have included upcoming UK blues rockers Rainbreakers and guitarist Bernie Torme.

More information

Biff Byford of Saxon

Biff Byford chooses favourite tracks in archive feature

9-album vinyl box set released 17 March, Get Ready to ROCK! Competition starts 7 March

On Thursday 3 March at 22:00 there's another chance to hear our 2014 archive feature when Biff Byford from Saxon chatted to us about the band and chose some of his favourite tracks.

This month the band release a 9-album box set covering the years 1991 to 2009, 'Eagles And Dragons'.

A competition at www.getreadytorock.com will give readers and listeners the chance to win one of the box sets.

More information (and review)


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New to GRTR! Playlist (w/c 29 February 2016)

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

THE QEMISTS Anger (indie)
BLACK ACES I'm Your Nightmare (Bad Reputation)
GRANDHOUR All In Or Nothing (Rock Hawk Records)
THE LAST VEGAS Hot Fudge (AFM Records)
WOLFMOTHER The Simple Life (UMC)
MONSTER TRUCK Not From This World (Provogue)
GEOFF CARNE & THE HATZ Whatever Will Be (indie)
THE NEW ROSES Partner In Crime (Napalm Records)
SOTO Freak Show (earMUSIC)
IMPERIA Away (Massacre Records)
VAN CANTO The Betrayal (earMUSIC)
DELAIN Don't Let Go (Napalm Records)

New to GRTR! Playlist (w/c 22 February 2016)

Showcase: Sunday 21:00, (Tuesday 16:00 & Thursday 21:00 repeat)

FRAYMED What You're Doing Now (indie)
THE SENTON BOMBS Mass Vendetta (7Hard)
BROKEN WITT REBELS Georgia Pine (indie)
ECLIPTICA For Good (indie)
GRANDHOUR Grey Skies (Rock Hawk Records)
DEFECTO When Daylight Dies (Koda)
GRANDMA STRANGE Moonglade (indie)
SOULSTACK Just Don't Call It The Blues (indie)
SMOKE HEALER Figure It Out (indie)
REBECCA DOWNES It's That Easy (Mad Hat/Cargo Records)
PRYTI Bitter Pill (indie)
TEMPORARY HERO Time After Time (Anticodon Records)
TEMPLE RENEGADE Last Man Standing (indie)
STRINGMAN DELIVERY Tonight We Ride (indie)

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Power Plays w/c 7 March 2016

GRANDHOUR All In Or Nothing (Rock Hawk Records)
REBECCA DOWNES Believe (Mad Hat/Cargo Records)
THE DOWLING POOLE Rebecca Receiving (Pledge Music)
TOSELAND Too Close To Call (52 Music)
FLAUNT Sideshow (Anticodon Records)
JAKE MORLEY Falter (Sandwich Emporium)

Featured Albums w/c 7 March 2016

09:00-12:00 RICK SPRINGFIELD Rocket Science (Frontiers)
12:00-13:00 GRANDHOUR Bombs & Bullets (Rock Hawk Records)
14:00-16:00 PETE LASHLEY Magic Corner (indie)

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