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The Eclectic Mix

Sundays, 18:00 (The Rock Diner, Saturdays 18:00)

Favourite tracks sequenced by special guests and/or interview feature


Alan Jones

Alan Jones

Sundays 18:00 (Second Sunday of the month)

Alan's Mix is also included in the Rock Diner sequence (Saturdays 18:00)

For Alan, a prerequisite in any music is that it has 'balls' - not necessarily crunching riffs, far from it in fact, but it must have something to say to the listener - music to listen to, not just a background to whatever lifestyle you have. 'Don't let Simon Cowell win - the whole future of music is at stake!!'

Alan is a great proponent of prog so expect some in each sequence.

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Jamie Field

Jamie Field

Jamie's Mix is included in the Rock Diner sequence (Saturdays 18:00)

Jamie selects a varied mix of music that reflects his varied record collection and musical taste.

Since 2001 he has been one of the mainstays of melodic/prog rock band Mermaid Kiss.

Mermaid Kiss website


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