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Peter Muir

Peter Muir

Peter developed an unhealthy interest in the footsoldiers of rock to keep himself busy wasting an expensive education.

"While everyone rushed out to buy the new Genesis, I would be footling around the retail rack that dished out the likes Fishbaugh Fishbaugh & Zorn," he tell us.

"The much-missed John Peel championed the obscure and I decided to make him my mentor on a journey into what Peel would drolly describe as unlistenable-to music.

"This was a conceit in many ways. He played some fabulous, quirky sounds, many of which did catch on thanks to his championing, or at least became cultishly collectable. I of course bought it all."

Peter's fondness for the whimsical and occasionally strange manifests itself on progressive and folk fusion shows, primarily covering the musical ground of the 1960s and '70s.

"Halcyon days," he sighs. "Two great decades lost in music." Unlike the '80s then?

"A miserable decade, lost to music!" (don't get him started).

Peter's work can be found elsewhere in the music scene, both as a writer (check out his reviews at )and a director of catalogue reissue label, Market Square.

Progressive Fusion with Peter Muir - 1 February 2015 by Get Ready To Rock! Radio on Mixcloud


Peter is currently taking a break.  Selected shows posted to Mixcloud.

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