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Paul Logue

Eden's Curse bassist and songwriter joined the station in October 2008 and brings us his self produced 60 minute "Melodic Metal Mayhem" show every second Sunday of the month. Capturing the finest that the hugely popular genre of Melodic Metal has to offer; there's something old and something new and he's even been known to spin a few Eden's Curse tracks also!

Paul's musical background started with two bands featured on  - Cry Havoc and latterly Scottish VH tribute Van Hielan (see our MP3 section) before he formed Eden's Curse with US vocalist Michael Eden in January 2006.

The global popularity of the group continues to grow on the back of their recently released sophomore album "The Second Coming" with the band promising to hit the stages in 2009. Paul was also a former scribe for Powerplay Magazine and a scriptwriter and Voice Over actor for BBC Radio Scotland's cult Football radio show "Off The Ball".

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Playlist 26.10.08

1 Angra - The Voice Commanding You
2 Edguy - Catch Of The Century
3 Dream Evil - Chasing The Dragon
4 Queensryche - Jet City Woman
5 Eden's Curse - Games People Play
6 Evidence One - Virus In My Veins
7 Cornerstone - Wounded Land
8 TNT - Everybody's Got A Secret
9 Pink Cream 69 - Here I Am
10 Firewind - Head Up High
11 Jorn - Black Song
12 Eden's Curse - Lost Soul

Playlist 09.11.08

Bob Catley - We Are Immortal
Almah - Birds Of Prey
Avantasia - The Scarecrow
Firewind - Falling To Pieces
Voodoo Circle - Dream In Eden
Eden's Curse - Angels & Demons
Rock Rock - Garden Of Chaos
Masterplan - Back For My Life
Godiva - Vicious Blade
Armaran's Plight - Turning Plight
Symphony X - Paradise Lost

Playlist 14.12.08

Scorpions - 321
Tesla - My Way
Edguy - Ministry Of Saints
Europe - Start From The Dark
Starbreaker - Unknown Superstar
Stone Gods - Burn The Witch
Threshold - Slipstream
Steve Grimmett - Wait Forever
Silent Force - No One Lives Forever
Edguy - Drangonfly
Pretty Maids - Savage Heart
Dio - Push

Featured Album of the Month: Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus

Playlist 11.01.09

Saxon - Live To Rock
Domain - Don't Pay The Ferryman
Eden's Curse - Eyes Of The World
Voodoo Circle - Dream Of Eden
Voodoo Circle Interview
Voodoo Circle - Kingdom Of The Blind
After Forever - Discord
Nickelback - Something In Your Mouth
Edguy - King Of Fools
Firewind - Breaking The Silence
Magnum - Vigilante
Krokus - Bedside Radio

Playlist 08.02.09

Steel Dragon - Blood Pollution
Vengeance - Cross In The Rain
Trivium - The Rising
Saxon - Battallions Of Steel
Place Vendome - Streets Of Fire
Dennis Ward Interview
Place Vendome - My Guardian Angel
The Order - Satisfaction
Kamelot - Soul Society
Stratovarius - Playing With Fire
Primal Fear - Seven Seals

Playlist 08.03.09

Rainbow - Black Masquerade
Herman Frank - Kill The King
Hammerfall - Any Means Necessary
Ride The Sky - Silent War
Chris Laney - Get U Down
Chris Laney Interview
Chris Laney - I Dunno
Pagan's Mind - United Alliance
Stratovarius - Black Diamond
Impellitteri - Garden Of Eden
Eclipse - How To Mend A Broken Heart
Gotthard - Anytime Anywhere

Playlist 12.04.09

Evidence One - Wall Of Lies
Impellitteri - Wicked Maiden
Primal Fear - Fighting The Darkness
Michael Eden Interview
Stratovarius - The Kiss Of Judas
Impellitteri - Eyes Of An Angel
Mind's Eye - Feed My Revolver
Pretty Maids - Tortured Spirit
Impellitteri - Last Of The Dying Breed
Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss
Edguy - 929

Playlist 14.06.09

Kamelot - Rule The World
Stratovarius - Higher We Go
Powerquest - Human Machine
Edge Of Forever - Mother of Darkness
Serenity - Coldness Kills
Jorn - Road Of The Cross
Megadeth - Reckoning Day
Astral Doors - Time To Rock
Angra - Angels & Demons
Primal Fear - Six Times Dead


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